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The sound of wings

Meeting free horses with Gerhard Stephane Wattine, Rob Pliskin, Olga Platonova, Berenika Bratny, Agata Wiatrowska and…

Authentic and consistent communication

A meeting with non-verbal communication experts. Searching for cohesion at the level of emotion, thought, body and spirit.

Conscious leadership

Leadership is constant learning and drawing of conclusions. Expertise and what we know – it is not enough here. A vision is important. Questions are more important than answers. Noticing instead of knowing.

Horse-Sense means “common sense”

Delivering solution with respect to history and opening for new. Seeing connection to reality as the first step of every way.

International know-how and an original approach

We co-create an international network of facilitators. We conduct comprehensive training for facilitators.

For 12 years we have provided comprehensive development programs for individuals, organizations and we have trained facilitators. People who are interested in deepening relationships with horses often come to us. We invite you to read the references of our participants from different areas and with different needs:


The selected references of persons participating in development programs for organized groups:



Tomasz Buraś, President of the Management Board of DHL, who participated in Horse Assisted Education together with the entire Board


Dorota Jakubowska, President of the TROP Group, participated in the HorseSense program with the entire team, introduced the HorseSense program as part of the School of Coaches

(…) “For me personally the participation in the HorseSense workshop was an extraordinary, existential experience. I have been there with my own team and experienced how reinforcing and strengthening the work with horses is. In my opinion, the HorseSense program proposal promotes the building of effective cooperation networks that can respond to the civilization challenge that modern organizations have to face today. The whole workshop with horses is not fun. It is a very deep work on building relationships.”

Monika Waligóra, Director of Communications and PR at DHL – participated in the program for TOP Management

Agata Wiatrowska has also provided horse development programs for mBank (entire board), DHL (entire board), BZ WBK, Takeda, T-Mobile, Capgemini,
Hewlett-Packard, Procter & Gamble, Teva, Polpahrm and IKEA as well as many non-governmental organizations and informal groups.



Selected references of individuals:


Participants in the Empathy program in business

(…) Place of non-superficial development. Essential experience. Green light for intuition, truth, space for deep reflection, invitation to look under the hood. A compendium of professionalism and knowledge, with regard to working with horses, as with future participants in the workshop. Agata Wiatrowska brings authentic openness, calmness and power. From meeting to meeting I felt more and more like a student in contact with master Yoda. Thanks to this, I am now more aware of what I have and what I need, I feel better in navigating through life, stronger. I have also developed and established my training workshop, I am ready to prepare and conduct HAE workshops myself.

Tomasz Ołdak


(…) We have a lot of schemes in our heads. For example, the leader must be stronger, wiser, better than those whom he leads. However, it turns out that leadership can also be understood as providing safety and care. In many situations it turned out that we did not appreciate the good will of the other side. Horses wanted to cooperate. Watching our work recorded and played on screen, we were able to see that a horse would also cooperate with us if we used less means and were more delicate. It is the same with people. However, delicacy and sensitivity must be connected with the belief that cooperation is possible. It is precisely the fear of the horse’s behaviour that was making it most difficult to cooperate. And also the lack of clarity about our own plans and goals…

Agnieszka Stein, author, child psychologist


A very interesting and developing experience. Combining an innovative methodology (horse training sessions) with a more traditional approach (individual coaching sessions between meetings) allow maintaining appropriate training dynamics and address individual needs. Spreading the program over time gives you the opportunity to reflect and think more deeply about yourself. I treat this program as the beginning of my road to leadership. I still have a lot of work to do to define what leader I want to be in the future, but I have good foundations for it – thanks to the Leadership Academy. And so I open the door to new perspectives and further work on myself. Working with horses during the program made me realize how much one can learn from these animals. Mindfulness, giving space to others, seeking inner energy to inspire enthusiasm and make others follow you – these are just some “discoveries” that I take with me to the corporate reality. A very pleasant break away from everyday office reality. I also appreciate Agata’s individual approach to participants (e.g. by the individualized horse training selection). Agata motivates for deep reflection on yourself. I am also glad that in the centre where the training was organized, the welfare of horses is well taken care of.

Joanna Stecka, Head of HR Consultants, Germany and Poland at Nokia


(…) It was a very interesting experience that, in a way, helped me to decide to make quite serious commitments. It was a boost of confidence and motivation to do some good work. For some time, I had pushed away this decision explaining it with a lot of current affairs to attend to. After the workshop it came clear to me that I want to do something more and since January my responsibilities and responsibilities have changed. I have undertaken to manage the entire work of our agency in Poland (so far I have focused more on France and more technical and logistic issues). I have very ambitious plans and I want to implement them based on the philosophy that is trained on the workshop. As I mentioned at the beginning of the workshop, I came there more out of curiosity rather than the need to change something, but as expected, I learnt something about myself and looked at some things differently, and it provided me with more knowledge and gave me a motivational boost to act… ”

Manager, Temporary Labour Agency, Family company


(…) Horses let us see what we usually do not have the time for, what we hide deep inside, even what we do not want to see. They are a mirror in which we can look at our own world and decide whether we want to be as we are. Recognize behaviours that interfere with our daily relationships and appreciate those that we can use to have good contact with others. The workshops provide an excellent opportunity for a broader understanding of dialogue and a better understanding of oneself. This can translate into improving relationships at work, family, or other communities.

Karolina Kirylak, participant of development programs with horses


(…) HorseSense workshops as part of which I got from Petronella, our horse trainer, an extraordinary lesson in humility, tenderness, calmness, distance, stopping. She and Empathy caused me to stop in the middle of the rush that was eating me from the inside, causing me to look for fulfilment and determination, leading to a situation where there was less of me day by day. And there I felt that someone (Petronella) teaches me to stop, to breathe so beautifully. Teaches life. And my Ginger support:):):) The helping cat that is a living metaphor for all crisis moments in my life. Because I always receive the most precious, most beautiful, life-giving support and love then. And that keeps me going and makes my life full…

Aktorka, Witold Gombrowicz Theatre