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The sound of wings

Meeting free horses with Gerhard Stephane Wattine, Rob Pliskin, Olga Platonova, Berenika Bratny, Agata Wiatrowska and…

Authentic and consistent communication

A meeting with non-verbal communication experts. Searching for cohesion at the level of emotion, thought, body and spirit.

Conscious leadership

Leadership is constant learning and drawing of conclusions. Expertise and what we know – it is not enough here. A vision is important. Questions are more important than answers. Noticing instead of knowing.

Horse-Sense means “common sense”

Delivering solution with respect to history and opening for new. Seeing connection to reality as the first step of every way.

International know-how and an original approach

We co-create an international network of facilitators. We conduct comprehensive training for facilitators.



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Relationship with the horse

“Discover horse secrets and find out what the horse want to say”

Agata Wiatrowska leads participants through 7 moduls, which enable increasing self-awareness in front of the horse/horse and rebuild communication with horses.


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Training for facilitators Horse Assisted Education

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