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The sound of wings

Meeting free horses with Gerhard Stephane Wattine, Rob Pliskin, Olga Platonova, Berenika Bratny, Agata Wiatrowska and…

Authentic and consistent communication

A meeting with non-verbal communication experts. Searching for cohesion at the level of emotion, thought, body and spirit.

Conscious leadership

Leadership is constant learning and drawing of conclusions. Expertise and what we know – it is not enough here. A vision is important. Questions are more important than answers. Noticing instead of knowing.

Horse-Sense means “common sense”

Delivering solution with respect to history and opening for new. Seeing connection to reality as the first step of every way.

International know-how and an original approach

We co-create an international network of facilitators. We conduct comprehensive training for facilitators.


We offer the opportunity to learn Horse Assisted Education in the HorseDream concept. We are an accredited center of European Association of Horse Assisted Education, as well as part of Horse Dream network.


International Horse Dream network consists of 70 licensed partners all over the world and 150 participants of Train the Trainer programmes who also belong to EAHAE.

The HorseDream concept is the most popular concept in employee development programs in organizations all over the world. What makes it so unique is the fact that horses play the role of our trainers, not only co-trainers.


Our HAE teaching offer:


First step is Train the trainer seminar. During 2-days training you can experience the concept and get known our philosophy. For further learning we offer possibility of becoming HorseDream Licence.

Train the Trainer workshops

During the workshops we present the HorseDream concept. It has been on the market for 20 years and hundreds of organisations have already benefited from it. The workshops are designed for those who are interested in working with the HAE concept, as well as for those who are responsible for human development and would like to gain new skills and include elements of HAE in their developmental programmes. These workshops, like all our workshops, do not require any former horse experience from the participants.


The workshops are run by Agata Wiatrowska who has trained over a hundred people in this area as well as dozens of organisations. Agata is a member of EAHAE management board and one of a few people in the world who train future HorseDream partners and supervise facilitators.


The uniqueness of the Horse Dream concept lies in the inclusion of horses who play the crucial role of trainers not only co-trainers. Two-day workshops packed with practical exercises and information will show you how it translates into practice.

In our workshops you will learn:

  • about the short and long-term benefits for Horse Assisted Education workshop participants
  • how to introduce Horse Assisted Education as a method of human development in your organisation
  • how you can work with the HorseDream concept as Horse Assisted Educator
  • about opportunities for cooperation offered by Horse Assisted Education in Poland and in the world


The outcome of exercises with horses are discussed from the point of view of a participant, as well as from the perspective of a person who runs/organises Horse Assisted Education workshops.


The contents of workshops:

Participation in practical exercises with horses
The philosophy of workshops
Training and preparing the horses
Safety issues
Theory of the facilitation of workshops
Organising workshops
Marketing and PR
Networking (EAHAE i HorseDream)


The workshops qualify for EAHAE and give you an access to further training towards a HorseDream license.




The list of qualified members of EAHAE:



The dates of upcoming Train the trainer workshop and other facilitators workshops are listed in the calendar of workshops


HorseDream licence


The programme is designed for people who are professionally interested in Horse Assisted Education.

The HorseDream concept has achieved the greatest popularity in the world in the area of Horse Assisted Education. Several hundreds of business organisations have already benefited from it and interest is still rising. The programme provides you with the knowledge and experience of the biggest network of HAE trainers in the world. It gives you the right to apply the Horse Dream concept in your work and to use the HorseDream Partner logo.


The licence includes 4 day workshops:

  • Distance and Nearness
  • Leadership Exercises
  • Reaching Goals, Overcoming Obstacles
  • Integral HorseMapping


The HorseDream approach is a concept of working with business. We work with a DVD camera at each workshop – we use the recorded material during the workshops, as well as making DVD’s for our participants. After our workshops each participant receives a several-minute long film they can put on their website or use in any other way to advertise their own workshops.


International website of HorseDream Partners http://www.horsedream-partners.com/


A map of HorseDream networkMapa sieci HorseDream


The integral model constitutes our theoretical background. The books that might help you familiarise yourself with this approach are “The Integral Vision’ by Ken Wilber and ‘Conscious Business’ by Fred Kofman. In order to receive a HorseDream licence you must take part in 4 workshops and enrol into EAHAE. Under the licence agreement you will have the right to use the HorseDream Partner brand.


Distance and Nearness
These workshops focus on building a rapport and are based on exercises at so called ‘picadero’ which is a square area of 10,75m X 10,75m. The workshops are inspired by the suggestions of Klaus Hempling, the author of the book called Dancing with Horses, recommended for the first and third workshop.


Leadership Exercises

Workshop about working with clients, focusing on applying leadership exercises. Leading a horse is a process, we have to learn how to read his reactions, develop sensitivity to the signals he sends to the participants and learn how to trust them. At the same time we develop our awareness of the whole process and confidence in it.


Reaching Goals, Overcoming Obstacles

This workshop can be run with the participation of individuals, groups or whole teams. Reaching goals and overcoming obstacles are processes. The participants develop an ability to notice how others react to the goals they present and become aware of their own attitudes. At the same they develop confidence in the whole process. The participants experience how individual goals, personal preferences or attitudes of individuals and the ideas of a whole group can be separate but still coexist and influence each other. They can identify these aspects and work with them.


Integral HorseMapping

This workshop concentrates on doing personal constellations, group constellations and systemic structural constellations with individual clients, groups and teams. We will learn how to benefit from the presence of horses while working with constellations and we will make the first steps towards the integral approach represented by Ken Wilber, Fred Kofman, Don Beck, Peter Senge and others.


Apart from practical work with horses you will learn about our values, principles, theoretical background, and philosophy on which we base our cooperation with individual clients, groups and organisations. If you wish to become a licensed HorseDream partner you should share and popularise the main principles on which we operate. Our philosophy is more a method of teaching. We believe that everyone has their own truth and their own reasons. It means that nobody can be 100% wrong. This is why we are open to learning. We have created a community of licensed HorseDream partners in which we work and develop our skills together.We cooperate, not compete. As a licensed HorseDream partner you will have access to our know-how, working concepts, the art of workshops with horses, as well as a client base and pricing. In exchange, each licensed Horse Dream partner contributes his knowledge and experience for the benefit of the whole community.

While working with horses we make video recordings. We then make them into films which you can use for presentations, put on your website or You Tube. If you want to use these films, you express your consent allowing other participants and HorseDream to use your materials.



HorseDream Brand:



We welcome you to a new world of learning!