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The sound of wings

Meeting free horses with Gerhard Stephane Wattine, Rob Pliskin, Olga Platonova, Berenika Bratny, Agata Wiatrowska and…

Authentic and consistent communication

A meeting with non-verbal communication experts. Searching for cohesion at the level of emotion, thought, body and spirit.

Conscious leadership

Leadership is constant learning and drawing of conclusions. Expertise and what we know – it is not enough here. A vision is important. Questions are more important than answers. Noticing instead of knowing.

Horse-Sense means “common sense”

Delivering solution with respect to history and opening for new. Seeing connection to reality as the first step of every way.

International know-how and an original approach

We co-create an international network of facilitators. We conduct comprehensive training for facilitators.


We run the horse-assisted development programmes where horses are trainers. Together with our horses we create an innovative developmental space enabling integration of thoughts, actions, emotions, and attitudes. We work in the spirit of nonjudgmental presence, respect and confidence in participants and horses. Basing on the academic and empirical output of numerous fields of science we apply various mental models, respecting past achievements at the same time. For 12 years we have assisted others in their development, reaching their potential, and realizing themselves in both spheres: private and professional.

The space for developmental is co-created by facilitators (Agata Wiatrowska & the HorseSense team) and horses being trainers. Horses-trainers underwent a special training and they enter in relations with participants under the guidance of a facilitator. 

The presence of horses enables the expansion of self-awareness, the reflection over relations with other being, and self-development in the following areas:


  • Emotions (recognition, using emotions as signpost, conscious emotion regulation)
  • Boundaries (abilities to sense one’s own and other’s boundaries, effective use of strength to keep one’s own boundaries, recognition of moments when one’s own or other’s boundaries are crossed, looking for strength beyond control paradigms)
  • Personal strength (looking for strength beyond the power-related status, e.g., parental, position, rank power, etc., respect towards life force)
  • Expressing of needs (awareness of one’s needs, recognition, communication, taking, care of oneself)
  • Leadership (realization of a vision, setting directions, maintaining other’s energy to act)
  • Work over thinking automatism and attitudes (impact of ways of thinking on actions, location of limiting and no longer needed thoughts).
  • Relations with others and the world (deepened understanding of unwritten laws of life, ability to communicate applying these laws).


Experiences with horses are initiated and run by Agata Wiatrowska, the pioneer in Horse Assisted Education in Poland (she introduced the method in Poland in 2006). Agata was trained by the best teachers in Horse Assisted Education. In her work she combines experiences related to psychology, coaching, hipotherapy, and leadership. Such complex knowledge enables providing training in holistic development tailored to the needs of any person in the context of demands of the modern world and daily life. The purpose of the space we create is to increase personal freedom and deepen the understanding of one’s own surrounding and relations resulting from it.


Programme types and current schedule for individuals


HorseSense is also a professional school for facilitators of the horse-assisted developmental programmes. Our 12-year experience and national and international accreditations enable us to provide complex training for next generations of facilitators.

Facilitating in the Horse Assisted Education is a fantastic adventure concerning relations of human beings and horses. Horses play a crucial role here; as facilitators we are their partners. It’s a unique gift and responsibility at the same time. 


Current trainings for facilitators


For many years we have been providing our services to businesses and organisations, concentrating on development of self-aware leadership and conscious organisational culture. Our corporate customers include: IKEA, DHL, Blue Media, Bank Millennium, Bayer, BZ WBK, Capgemini,

CitiBank, DHL, Grupa TROP, Helsińska Fundacja Praw Człowieka, Hewlett-Packard, ING Usługi Finansowe, Keller, Paroc, PwC, Procter&Gamble, Ulma, Teva, TVP 2, PLIVA.


More info on our corporate developmental programmes





Programy prowadzimy w  ośrodku szkoleniowym Stajnia Celinów (30 km od Warszawy). W Stajni Celinów mieszka nasz zespół koni-trenerów. Natomiast do dyspozycji gości jest komfortowa hala do pracy okrągły rok, kameralna sala szkoleniowa i pokoje nad stajnią.Dla chcących zostać trenerem Horse Assisted Education