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The sound of wings

Meeting free horses with Gerhard Stephane Wattine, Rob Pliskin, Olga Platonova, Berenika Bratny, Agata Wiatrowska and…

Authentic and consistent communication

A meeting with non-verbal communication experts. Searching for cohesion at the level of emotion, thought, body and spirit.

Conscious leadership

Leadership is constant learning and drawing of conclusions. Expertise and what we know – it is not enough here. A vision is important. Questions are more important than answers. Noticing instead of knowing.

Horse-Sense means “common sense”

Delivering solution with respect to history and opening for new. Seeing connection to reality as the first step of every way.

International know-how and an original approach

We co-create an international network of facilitators. We conduct comprehensive training for facilitators.

We run the horse-assisted development programmes where horses are trainers (Horse Assisted Education). Together with our horses we create an innovative developmental space enabling integration of thoughts, actions, emotions, and attitudes. We work in the spirit of nonjudgmental presence, respect and confidence in participants and horses.


is an innovative learning method in which people cooperate with horses. Its aim is to deepen individual development, self–awareness and emotional and social skills, as well as to help people to achieve the change they desire.


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Rekomendacja Monika Waligóra - HorseSense

"I was able to get to know myself from the inside through contact with a horse. I took part in the training when I was in the midst of a major professional change. This program has shown me that what I feel and believe in affects other people - even when I'm not saying it, what helped me a lot. Additionally, I noticed the impact of the program on self-confidence during public speaking. Horses helped me to believe in myself and aroused the courage that I need to it."

Monika Waligóra, Director of Communications and PR

Rekomendacja Tomasz Buras - HorseSense

"If one wants to build self-awareness and team awareness, I think that this is one of many unique experiences that everyone remembers and makes references to these interactions in their daily work with other people. (...) After this event, after my return, the team I manage was able to go through such a stage of avoiding topics and treating certain subjects like taboos to a level in which we are openly able to discuss not only professional issues but also any problems, and express different opinions. It's easier for us to discuss difficult topics with each other. Today, the place where the company is at is partly due to the fact that we became more aware of ourselves, and the horse training helped a lot."

Tomasz Buraś, President of the Management Board of DHL

Rekomendacja Joanna Borysiewicz-Gardeła - HorseSense

"When you consider all possible solutions and perspectives of approach to the subject - there may always be another perspective. Every conversation with Agata gives a subject a new run, whether it concerns horses, development or life. The course with Agata is a rarity that can significantly affect not only your communication with horses but also your relationships with the world."

Joanna Borysiewicz-Gardeła

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